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"The Best In One Place"

Bridging Libya and the World. The Supply Company makes sure to source and offer our clients the best

selection of industrial, agricultural and transportation materials with superb customer service and advice.

What separates us is that we only deal directly with manufacturers, refineries and producers based in Europe. This ensures the highest quality grade of all our products removing any intermediaries or agents in the middle. Put simply, our products are produced and refined, loaded onto a ship and brought to be sold to our customers in Libya.

As we only source the best quality and niche segment products on the market,  we're on hand to help you find exactly the right accessory you need at the right price point.

We're industrial enthusiasts and purveyors of the finest selection of automotive and industrial accessories for your machines. We stock and supply road, heavy duty tyres, motor oils and lubricants as well as batteries and filters of all types and capacities.  


We’re here to help inform you about our products, so that you only buy what is absolutely necessary for your car, truck, tractor, earth-mover or manufacturing equipment.


Contact us today to learn more about what we do.

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