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trelleborg, polymer, agriculture, industrial
mitas, tyres, tractors, radial, construction


A world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments.

This top of the industry expertise in polymer makes Trelleborg Wheel Systems a leading global supplier of tyres and complete wheels for agricultural, off-highway, construction, industrial and speciality vehicles.

Have a look for yourself at the award winning Trelleborg TM1000 Progressive Traction Tyre and be amazed.


Mitas Tyres is a brand part of the mighty Trelleborg Group. It is also one of the leading European tyre brands for agricultural machines, construction vehicles, material handling equipment, aircraft and motorbikes. If you’re looking to purchase one of these high grade tyres at a competitive price, we’ve got it for you. Come by to get yours now — satisfaction guaranteed.


lotos oil motor oils and industrial lubricants. premium motor oils and member of ATIEL with Shell and Valvoline

Lotos Oil is the leading Polish lubricants and motor oil producer. From their own refinery in Poland, Lotos are able to produce all their products from their own base oils within their controlled facility in Gdansk, nestled between Germany and Russia. Lotos is a growing brand recognised for their premium oils making them a member of the exclusive ATIEL organisation amongst the world's best producers. We are proud to be their official distributor of motor oil and industrial fluids. 



Sta-Bil is the Number 1 fuel stabilizer brand in the world. With over 60 years experience, Sta-Bil has been engineered to be the most reliable and trusted name in fuel stabilizers and treatments.

With fuel as the life source of your engine, you need the most advanced and researched technology on the market to keep your car, machinery, motorcycle or boat in perfect condition - everyday or while in storage. Made in USA.


Arexons, svitol, fresca foglia and fulcron in Libya. Car care products, lubricants, air fresheners, cleaning products

From the industrious north of Italy, we are delighted to stock and collaborate with Arexons and their affiliate brands of the highest quality products available in the market. Having production in house and a profound research and development history, Arexons has been producing the most advanced solutions for mechanics and enthusiasts since 1925 including lubricant sprays, car care products and cleaning materials with the latest technology and advanced ingredients. Try for yourself some of our best selling products. 



Comline is one of the fastest growing automotive brands in Europe from their operations based in Luton, England. As an independent British supplier of aftermarket parts for Japanese, Korean and European car brands, Comline leads the way offering more than 8,500 part numbers. Reliability, consistency and high value are at the heart of every Comline product. We are happy to provide you with their oil filters, air and cabin filters as well as brake pads in cooperation with their partners at Allied Nippon.  

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