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What We Carry


The tyre is the most important part of any vehicle being the first and constant point of contact between the body and earth surface.
This is even more vital for vehicles operating in heavy industry and agriculture that work through strenuous conditions oftentimes carrying tonnes in pressure. 
That’s why we only carry the highest grade heavy commercial and agricultural tyres in the world.
We do not stock the cheapest, but we stock the best because safety and performance is our priority when it comes to ensuring your valuable machinery has the feet to match.


Every vehicle and engine operates best with well produced and formulated motor oils.
At The Supply Company we only carry the highest quality motor oils from outstanding producers with a tested history to match. This is because we understand how vital top formulated oils are to the function, performance and lifespan of your vehicle.
Our motor oils are some of our most popular items. Call upon us to get exactly the oil you need.

Motor oils, lubricants, engine oils, oil, synthetic


You know better than anyone that your vehicles, industrial equipment and machinery demands the assurance and availability of genuine and OEM spare parts to keep you going.
You also know we have available for you what you need from some of the world's best manufacturers and most common required parts with factory quality assurance.

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