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The main function of an oil is to lubricate the parts moving together. In some moments the mechanical components are in precarious lubrication conditions such as:
• starting: friction and wear are very high especially at low temperatures with consequent wear of the mechanical parts.
• High temperatures and used oil: the oil thins and loses its lubricating power.
• Load variations: for example a violent acceleration; in this case the lubricant film is no longer able to play its role.
In all these moments and in others the metal-metal contact increases, generating strong friction and consequent wear of the mechanical parts.

To overcome these drawbacks, the Arexons laboratories have developed a treatment capable of creating a surface coating of the metals making the surfaces "self-lubricating" guaranteeing no contact between the surfaces in every situation.

CERAMIC PLUS, thanks to the surface coating improves the seal between the couplings, increases compression, improves combustion and engine efficiency with consequent reduction of oil consumption and reduction of polluting emissions.

Ceramic Plus

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