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Lotos Hydromil L-HM BA is a premium hydraulic fluid produced using Lotos' own base oils that not only meets Bosch Rexroth RDE 90235 but also Parker Denison HF-1, HF-2, HF-0 specifications.


It is designed for application in heavy loaded drive and hydraulic control systems. Hydromil L-HM BA is formulated on the base of deeply refined, dewaxed and hydrorefined mineral oils received from crude oil refining.


The oil contain a premium selected package of anticorrosion, anti-oxidation and lubrication additives as well as de-emulsifying and antifoam attributes. Hydromil L-HM BA is applied in heavy loaded power transmission systems as well as drive and hydraulic control systems.




  • optimum protection of the lubricated elements surface
  • high antifoam properties
  • good air release
  • excellent de-emulsifying qualities
  • hydrolytic stability
  • high filterability
  • cleanness of the lubrication system
  • anti-wear protection and a long life of the lubrication system elements.


The oils are designed for:


  • hydraulic drive and control systems
  • gears, hydraulic transmissions
  • control gears
  • gear pumps up to 25MPa
  • piston pumps up to 35MPa.

Lotos Hydromil L-HM BA 68

SKU: WH-BE05F20-000
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