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High quality mineral engine oil designed for lubrication of heavy-loaded compression-ignition high-power engines with or without turbochargers.


It is particularly recommended for the engines of trucks, farm tractors, buses, long-distance coaches as well as other high-performance vehicles (high mileages in short period of time), where the manufacturer allows the use of this quality and viscosity grade oil.


Officially supplied equipment to the Polish army. 




  • compatible with engines that meet EURO 3 emission standards and selected engines that meet EURO 4 and Euro 5 emission standards
  • guarantees highest level of effectiveness of the power unit (by preventing residua and carbon fouling production as well as preventing wear and tear of lubricated elements).
  • conventional SAPS level – not suitable for use in vehicles equipped with exhaust cleaning system of solid particles filters (DPF)

Turdus Powertec 1000 15W 40

SKU: WF-P704N40-000
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